Astrology Classes

Module 1 – Introduction to Astrology. Learn about the 3 main components of the Astrological language: Planets, Signs & Houses. You will learn
(i) WHAT each planet represents;
(ii) HOW each planet expresses through a specific sign; and
(iii) in which AREA of the life this energy will manifest indicated by the houses. This module also includes learning about the nodes and past energy and life goal that they represent.

Module 2 – Natal Chart. Learn about aspects, the relationship between the different planetary energies, and how to integrate the symbols to do a chart reading.

Module 3 – The Evolving Natal Chart. Learn about “forecasting”, the specific challenges and opportunities in a given time, by understanding the influences of transits, progressions and solar arcs. In this module you will learn about life cycles, Saturn return, mid-life crises, maturing and how to be able to get the best decisions during challenging influences.

Module 4 – Advanced Techniques. Learn about solar returns, astrology for relationships through synastry and composite.

Each module is composed of:
(i) Online – 10 meetings of 1,5hr weekly classes taught via webinar; and
(ii) reading material.
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