Who is
Gaetano Tassone

Gaetano Tassone is a researcher.

He researches what gives meaning to things and to those symbols that best exemplify the meaning of what is necessary. He is inspired by the knowledge of the human being and by the contemplation of nature where the deep emotions and awareness of the spiritual dimensions find harmony.

He is convinced that through the imaginary of communication, ecology and spiritual creativity those changes that determine the difference in our lives are possible.

Over the years he has had the privilege of studying and learning the tools of his trade, by special teachers.

It all starts with astrology which for him is a form of deep knowledge. He approached it for a mere curiosity in Assisi, in 1984, at the beginning of his university career and after studying it for several years, through books and attending courses he then had the opportunity to get to know B. V. Krishnamurthy of Bangalore (India) and complete a three-year training in Vedic astrology and then Steven Forrest in the USA for his training in evolutionary astrology still in continuous updating. With them, he drank from the deep waters of a thousand-year-old knowledge allowing himself to permeate by approaches and sometimes opposing paradigms that allowed him to develop a refined, original knowledge.

He began his astrological consultancy in 1995.

Against the background of this dominant passion, Gaetano Tassone has cultivated the theoretical and practical scientific knowledge of nature.

After graduating and qualifying as an agronomist in 1989, he specialized in “Agro-Ecology” Biodiversity, Food and Sustainable Development “, participating in the development of projects for the improvement, restoration and development of ecosystems in Asia and in the United States.

His research and thirst for knowledge has also led him to successfully study and practice different and interesting holistic disciplines that are mentioned in honor of their inventors: biodynamic craniosacral therapy, kinesiology, bodytalk, and terapia ergovibrazionale (TEV) and has drawn a limitless human and spiritual benefit from the opportunity of four-year residential stay during his major need of spirituality at the SRF ashrams by P. Yogananda.

His life has been an intertwining of these knowledge that has constantly danced around him.  He has a unitary vision that has slowly been produced in the fusion of the acquired awareness and the practical experiences that life has allowed him to live.