Astrology training
with Astrokinesis Integration

Release what binds us to make possible to have back our knowledge

with AstroKinesi


Four technical-theoretical modules

practical application internship

experiential monothematic courses



The path of Astrology with AstroKinesi integration gives first of all access to the knowledge of the astrologer’s work.
Astrology has always fascinated your life and maybe you have also deepened here and there but, perhaps for you, the time has come to give yourself an organic and structured look on how this discipline works and learn to use it in the best of ways.

This is not a course where you only come to study and it is not a course where you only participate for yourself.
This path structured in order to facilitate learning considers four modules, eight practical internships and experiential monothematic courses and has the precise intention of guiding and inspiring you and training you to think of astrology as a possible profession and above all as a practicable lifestyle.

In its simplification structure AstroKinesi eases the completeness of the message of the stars.
We learn though bringing attention on ourselves and we never forget. The topics covered, the emphasis on some aspects rather than others, the connection with other holistic disciplines, with metaphysics, the importance of connecting with natures truth, are some elements that are carefully integrated by drawing on multidisciplinary knowledge.

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