Integrated Consultancy

on the Birth Chart

An astrology of the present
identified from the future

What harmony I feel if not that of being with what I do and this is exactly how important is the sense of gratitude to my teachers, to astrology and to its advice perspective where the past explains the present and confront the future to stimulate us to do the opposite and so get what we need to evolve.

Gaetano Tassone

The Birth Chart

Astrology focuses its attention on the Birth Chart which establishes the criteria of how life tells us what is beautiful.
This natal chart also known as birth chart, represents the photograph of the sky at the time we come into the world.

Why is your life like this? Why are you as you are? Why don’t you adapt to your environment? To your family? To your culture and do what you do?

How do you manage your resources and use your talents? Do you really align with yourself?
What is happiness for you? Do your actions diminish your personal power? Why doesn’t the universe help you in your purposes?

The clarity of the times cannot accommodate the instincts and often in not finding answers we delay our vision, until astrology open the possibility of what it can do for your life.
Living and knowing gives us the possibility of fullness and prosperity and through the consultancy advice we can create the assumptions on how these important things happen.

The interpretation of the birth chart as integrated consultancy is one of the most powerful tools to guide you in the forest of difficult choices to make. This form of consultancy breaks the believe schemes with a rigor of gimmicks that bring well-being.   Dedicating oneself to understanding what gives strength to our existence is an illuminating experience, a beautiful gift.
An hour and a half dedicated to how our universe is.

How does it work?

In the Birth Chart, the structure that allows you to establish the parameters for its interpretation are the planets and signs that are symbols and the houses that are the territories of life. By reading the arrangement of the planets in the signs and in the houses and the interaction of the planets with each other it is possible to discern the strengths and weaknesses of a person’s character. The Birth Chart in fact helps us to explain why the person is the way he/she is and why he/she does what he/she does.

Respecting the astrological system also means respecting its dynamism. While the planets in the birth chart are fixed because they refer to the moment of birth, in the sky they continue to move to form new connections with each other and with their birth positions. These formations release an energy for a given moment and indicate activities to be carried out or avoided as well as areas of ease or effort.

What do you need to build the Birth Chart?

In its simplicity, the Birth Chart information requires the day, month and year of birth, the place of birth and the time of birth (where minutes are also important).

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