Tune in into what belongs to us

EcoSistemica* Consultancy

To tune in into what belongs to us.

How the environmental universe fits into your life. Experimenting while breathing in your nature.


Is your land unproductive?
In your park, plants have little vitality, is the population of wildlife increasingly disproportionate?
Does your property need to be filled of beauty, does it need to find an identity in the area in which it falls?
How do you establish a deep connection with nature if you are chained in everyday life?
On your farm the sacrifice of performing sometimes does not pay you back, maybe you can love what you do but the quality of your products is poor?
Giving power to what is not important misaligns us from the universe and our home seems foreign to us. Do you live an environment that you feel disharmonious for you?
Do you have land that you want to enhance but you don’t know what are the optimal crops or what are the attentions towards the natural that can work in synergy?
Some questions are relevant to the facts but many of those that are not written may be yours.

To give value to our environment we need presence and to be present we above all need to belong to that sense that pushes us to reach how to understand who we are.

When what underlies the possibility of happening in your opinion does not pay attention to the future with EcoSistemica® you can create with satisfaction what is needed for life and guarantee a relationship quality in harmony with your environment.

EcoSistemica® is communication through an experiential process of ecology applied to natural and human environments. A process that above all is within us.

EcoSistemica®️ is a registered trademark

When the trees are sick, we too somehow suffer.
Why don’t we try to do something to help them?

Gaetano Tassone