The structure of simplification

AstroKinesi Consultancy

Are you not taking care of yourself and are you in a routine period where you cannot find solutions for your well-being?
What attitude do you have in front of the things that make the difference in your life?
What answers do you give to yourself when you feel disharmony in carrying out your professional activity?
Is creating by yourself enough or in order to have success you need a partnership?
What optimal choices can I make that bring well-being and satisfaction when I have the opportunity to contribute to the life of those I don’t know yet?
What would life have made of you if your parents had better understood and supported your strongest skills and talents?
Do you feel that you master the relationship with your working partners, with your important relationship?
What kind of love do you need to feel peace?
Your study path is important. What is the one that best matches you?

Bringing balance to life means above all aligning our will to be and to do with a greater will.
Astrokinesi is a lifestyle, a path of continuous archetypal knowledge of the world of communication that goes all the way to the bottom of things to make aware your solution.
The imagination of communication becomes a refreshment to practicality through deep attention to the extraneousness of life, to universal love, to ourselves, to others, to knowledge and to everyday life.

With AstroKinesi, communication and its symbols become an instrument of listening and sharing, giving true importance to what exists.

Establishing an interior world within oneself is difficult and we need help.

Gaetano Tassone