There is nothing true that cannot be imagined, so that life can make us carve out spaces to give us what we need to live

Gaetano Tassone

AstroKinesi Consultancy

Are you not taking care of yourself and are you in a routine period where you cannot find solutions for your well-being?
What attitude do you have in front of the things that make the difference in your life?
What answers do you give to yourself when you feel disharmony in carrying out your professional activity?

Astrokinesi is a lifestyle, a path of continuous archetypal knowledge of the world of communication that goes all the way to the bottom of things to make aware your solution.

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EcoSistemica Consultancy

Is your land unproductive?
In your park, plants have little vitality, is the population of wildlife increasingly disproportionate?
Does your property need to be filled of beauty, does it need to find an identity in the area in which it falls?

EcoSistemica® is communication through an experiential process of ecology applied to natural and human environments. A process that above all is within us.

When what underlies the possibility of happening in your opinion does not pay attention to the future with EcoSistemica you can create with satisfaction what is needed for life and guarantee a relationship quality in harmony with your environment.

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Integrated Consultancy on the Birth Chart

Why is your life like this?
Why are you as you are?
Why don’t you adapt to your environment? To your family? To your culture and do what you do? How do you manage your resources and use your talents? Do you really align with yourself?

Birth Chart Integrated Consultancy brings awareness where something starts, ends and reborn, where it is important that we are present.

The interpretation of the birth chart as integrated consultancy is one of the most powerful tools to guide you in the forest of difficult choices to make.

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Astrology training with AstroKinesis integration

The path of Astrology with Astrokinesi integration gives first of all access to the knowledge of the astrologer’s work.

Astrology has always fascinated your life and maybe you have also deepened here and there but, perhaps for you, the time has come to give yourself an organic and structured look on how this discipline works and learn to use it in the best of ways.

This is not a course where you only come to study and it is not a course where you only participate for yourself.

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