From early age Gaetano has had a different perception of the world. A perception that is focused on energy. He understood that this different way of perceiving our surroundings can serve as a tool to identify imbalances and support people with increasing their vitality and potential.

Astrologer – practice astrology according to the teachings of Evolutionary Astrology by Mr. Steven Forrest, US. Started practicing Vedic Astrology in 1995 after long studies in India

EcoSistemica – studied in Europe and in the US Vibrational Therapy, such as biodynamic cranio sacral therapy, kinesiology, naturopathy, TEV (Terapia ergovibrazionale), among others. Worked for more than 15 year in Switzerland as holistic therapist, as well as in Italy for many years.

Gaetano has a degree in Agronomy and worked for many years as an agronomist, including rendering services abroad for the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He has worked with ecosystems and various bionatural disciplines in India, USA and Europe, developing his own holistic approach that integrates scientific, academic knowledge and his innate sensitive energetic perception. Gaetano uses this approach that he calls EcoSistemica (the living organism considered in its space-time and its relational network) in therapy for the benefit of people and environments.

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