Gaetano Tassone

Holistic Therapist and Astrologer

Contact Information:

Since a kid Gaetano has a different perception of the world that is emphazised on energy. This different way of perceiving what surrounds us can serve as a tool to identify imbalances and support increasing one’s vitality and potential.


Therapist: studied in Europe and in the US Vibrational Therapy, such as biodynamic cranio sacral therapy, kinesiology, naturopathy, TEV (Terapia ergovibrazionale – Ergovibrational therapy), among others. Worked for more than 15 year in Switzerland as holistic therapist.

Sessions: in person


Astrologer: practice astrology according to the teachings of Evolutionary Astrology by Mr. Steven Forrest, US. Also studied Vedic Astrology in India.

Readings: Online in italian or English.