The purpose is:

  • Improve the environment in connection with its ecosystem.
  • Absolve the ability to see nature for what it is.
  • Reflect the human need within the full respect for life.

Different but complementary services are offered:

  • EcoSistemica

EcoSistemica is an approach to natural life. It offers the opportunity to experience concepts and meanings of nature while respecting humanity and its needs. It also provides the possibility to design systems and ecosystems for human well-being in its connection with the cosmos and the restoration of all that needs attention. It adopts classic agricultural strategies by combining them with new meanings and tools.

  • Astrology

The astrological symbols are gateways to understanding a vast array of potentials. It provides the possibility to explore in depth the individual’s life purpose, highlighting its talents, gifts, strengths and challenges, unravelling its life’s path and gaining insight into the person the individual is meant to be.

  • Workshops

To improve the meaning of life through the EcoSistemica tool.



Il Network degli Alberi

La Concimazione in Natura

Gli Elementi in Natura

La Luce Solare


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About Me

From early age Gaetano has had a different perception of the world. A perception that is focused on energy.
He understood that this different way of perceiving our surroundings can serve as a tool to identify imbalances and support people with increasing their vitality and potential.
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